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Pavel Rodkin. Place Branding: Urban Identity and Design: Tutorial

Place Branding: Urban Identity and Design

Rodkin, P. (2020). Place Branding: Urban Identity and Design: Tutorial. Moscow; Berlin: Direct-Media. 93 p. (In Russ.). [Rod'kin, P. (2020). Brending territorij: gorodskaya identichnost' i dizajn: uchebnoe posobie. Moskva-Berlin: Direkt-Media.].

This tutorial describes various models of territory branding (Simon Anholt's hexagon, semiotic brand model, etc.), a typology of brand identification and solutions in the field of global territorial branding, discloses the problems of brand development and presentation, as well as an original methodology for structuring the urban environment in the basis of communicative patterns (within the framework of Christopher Alexander's template language concept). The book is a practical guide and guide to creating urban identity, brand identification systems, brand communications, urban identity.

Language: Russian

Design: T. Rudneva

Hard cover: 93 pages

Size: 150x210 mm.

ISBN 9785449912916

DOI: 10.23681/597418

© Rodkin, P., 2020

© Direct-Media, 2020


Branding and place branding

Branding as a representation of the territory

Branding and meaningful Innovation

Competitive identity model and its scaling

Popular culture and territory branding

"Made in ...": Country origin and event identifiers

Association cloud as a tool for developing a territory brand

Brand identity: typology and main decisions

— National flags and elements of official heraldry

— National symbols and archetypes

— Architecture and historical sites

— Object environment

— Complicated identity

— Geographical features and biosphere

— Universal signs

— Abstract shapes

— Font identity

— Grammar constructions

Branding and communicative destructiveness

Semiotic city brand model

Language of templates (communication patterns) of the territory brand

Supplement 1. Stages of city brand development

Supplement 2. Place brand visual identity assessment sheet



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