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Pavel Rodkin. Place Brand identity. Place Branding: A New Pragmatic Identity

Place Brand identity. Place Branding: A New Pragmatic Identity

Rodkin, P. (2016). Place Brand identity. Place Branding: A New Pragmatic Identity. Moscow: Sovpadenie. 248 p. (In Russ.). [Rod'kin, P. (2016). Brend-identifikaciya territorij. Territorial'nyj brending: novaya pragmatichnaya identichnost'. Moskva: Sovpadenie.].

The study is devoted to the comparative analysis, systematization and classification of meaning- and shaping the brand identify urban, regional and global branding of countries. The introduction of the concept of brand identity in the context of territorial branding allows you to more adequately define and distinguish the subject area, as well as to address methodological and terminological confusion. The book is of practical interest for customers, developers, and brand managers in the field of territorial branding and marketin.

Language: Russian

Design: Pavel Rodkin

Hard cover: 248 pages

Size: 150x210 mm.

ISBN 9785903060702

The author expresses gratitude to Vlad Shishkin, the founder and owner of the vector graphics service "Logosklad. Vector logos"

© Rodkin, P., 2016

© Publishing house "Sovpadenie", 2016


Branding and place brand identity

Heraldry and brand identity

Meaning of brand identity

Shaping of brand identity

— National flag

— Heraldic elements

— National symbols

— Architecture and sights

— Object environment

— Complicated identity

— Climate and biosphere

— Universal signs

— Abstract shapes

— Font identification

— Grammar constructions

Place rebranding

Integrated brand identity

Additional commodity and national identifiers

Instead of a conclusion


Supplement 1: Territory branding as an academic discipline and project work

Supplement 2: Brand identity of the countries of the World


Place Brand identity. Place Branding: A New Pragmatic Identity

Place branding is a global phenomenon that has embraced the most diverse countries and cities of the world. Territorial branding, the current form of which was formed in the late 1990s, has become a real mainstream in the field of territorial development and management, as well as the market for knowledge-based services, which allows us to speak of it not only as a temporary fashion, but also as a long-term and developing communication system. The ongoing changes in the field of mass communications and culture are forcing us to seriously rethink the meaning of territory branding and to conduct a detailed analysis of the trends and design approaches that exist in it.


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