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Pavel Rodkin. Player 457. Watching "The Squid Game" and topical Korean movies

Player 457. Watching The Squid Game and topical Korean movies

Rodkin, P. (2023). Watching "The Squid Game" and topical Korean movies. Moscow: Sovpadenie. 192 p. (In Russ.). [Rod'kin, P. (2023). Igrok 457. Smotrim "Igru v kal'mara" i aktual'noe korejskoe kino. Moskva: Sovpadenie.].

This book analyzes the series Squid Game directed by Hwang Dong-hyeok through the lens of humanistic and socio-philosophical criticism in the broad context of Korean and world cinema. "Squid Game" is seen as a significant cultural and social phenomenon. The paper explores the structure of the survival game and its corresponding images of contemporary mass culture.

Language: Russian

Design: Pavel Rodkin

Paperback: 192 pages

Size: 145x205 mm.

ISBN 9785903060196

© Rodkin, P., 2023

© Publishing house "Sovpadenie", 2023


How do you watch "The Squid Game"?

Antiutopian Realism



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Watching The Squid Game and topical Korean movies

Against the backdrop of the popularity of Korean culture in general and the "Squid Game" series in particular, Pavel Rodkin's new book looks especially relevant. So far we — those who want to understand the phenomenon — have not been able to comprehend on a proper level all the socio-economic and political aspects of the series, which two years ago struck the world. Pavel Rodkin takes the first and important step toward making us finally realize what philosophical depths lurk in The Squid Game.

Alexander Pavlov

A superb analysis of perhaps the best television series of recent years. Pavel Rodkin carefully deconstructs the narrative of the artistic critique of modern capitalism, The Squid Game, while showing us on a broad palette of current South Korean cinema how to watch movies and get extra pleasure out of it. Get your hands on the book and revisit the series again! It's worth it!

Vyacheslav Danilov

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