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Pavel Rodkin. Moon Hoon and Modern Korean Architecture. Sights of the Metamodern

Moon Hoon and Modern Korean Architecture. Sights of the Metamodern

Rodkin, P. (2022). Moon Hoon and Modern Korean Architecture. Sights of the Metamodern. Moscow: Sovpadenie. 264 p. (In Russ.). [Rod'kin, P. (2022). Mun Hun i sovremennaya korejskaya arhitektura. Dostoprimechatel'nosti metamoderna. Moskva: Sovpadenie.].

The research is dedicated to the modern Korean architect Moon Hoon. Moon's work, combining various elements of modernism, brutalism, postmodernism and parametricism, is considered within the framework of a new large historical and conceptual narrative — metamodernism. The categories of analysis necessary for attributing Moon's architecture were some significant theoretical provisions of metamodernism and their development. The projects of Moon Hoon and other contemporary Korean architects are analyzed in a broad architectural and cultural context.

Language: Russian

Design: Pavel Rodkin

Cover design: Baina Muchkaeva

Paperback: 264 pages

Size: 145x205 mm.

ISBN 9785903060078

© Rodkin, P., 2022

© Publishing house "Sovpadenie", 2022


Metamodernism as a style

The condition of metamodernism








Feeling the future

Supplement: About Imagination



Moon Hoon and Modern Korean Architecture. Sights of the Metamodern

Today, when a significant number of countries are still closed for tourism, Pavel Rodkin's book provides an excellent opportunity for a virtual trip to South Korea, which in recent years has become one of the leaders in contemporary world architecture. I am sure that for all Russian fans of Korean cinema, acquaintance with modern Korean architects led by Moon Hoon will be a great addition to the image of the country already established in films, especially since architecture plays a significant role in Korean cinema. At the same time, Pavel Rodkin outlines the theoretical contours of metamodernism — a new artistic practice that is emerging outside the usual opposition of modern and postmodern. Moon Hoon, as one of the main representatives of this trend, once again reminds us that for the attentive mind, in the words of Nabokov, there are no boundaries, and the sources of creative imagination are still inexhaustible.

Nikolay Protsenko

How would a "Divine Comedy" be possible in a postmodern world if up and down are reversed, heaven has fallen to earth, and there is no longer high or low, heaven or hell? The architecture of the world has become such that it is best reflected in world architecture. Pavel Rodkin, accompanied by his Korean guide, the architect Moon Hoon, travels through the layers of a new metareality along a bizarrely curved space to the side where the future is already given to us in sensations.

Vyacheslav Danilov

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