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Pavel Rodkin. Industrial Brand of the Future. Visual Revolution During an Epoch of the Nuclear Renaissance

Industrial Brand of the Future

Rodkin, P. (2009). Industrial Brand of the Future. Visual Revolution During an Epoch of the Nuclear Renaissance. Moscow: Forum. 112 p. (In Russ.). [Rod'kin, P. (2009). Promyshlennyj brend budushchego. Vizual'naya revolyuciya v epohu atomnogo renessansa. Moskva: Forum.].

The main theme of the study is to understand the trends and problems of modern industrial brand in Russia, as well as possible communication strategies in the context of new global challenges. In the book, based on extensive material analyses current trends in visual identity and the results of the changes taking place in a corporate environment... the Reason for the study of this problem was the rebranding of the Rosatom State Corporation. The study proposed an effective model for the creation and development of modern industrial brand.

Language: Russian

Design: Pavel Rodkin

Paperback: 112 pages

Size: 125x170 mm.

ISBN 9785911343873

© Rodkin, P., 2009

© Forum, 2009



Nuclear renaissance: rebranding of Rosatom State Corporation

Identity of modern industrial brands

Images and meanings of the industrial environment

Social interface

Environmental suspicion: presumption of guilt

Instead of a conclusion: what's next?

Appendix: 25 principles for organizing effective corporate communications



Industrial Brand of the Future

The formation of a modern industrial brand is impossible without a visual revolution, which is now sweeping almost the entire world. Pavel Rodkin's research on this topical issue will undoubtedly be of interest to a wide audience of readers. But first of all, I would advise to pay attention to this book for corporate managers who are just shaping their identity or rebranding. Indeed, the capitalization and efficiency of communications of their companies directly depends on how successful the work will be.

Alexey Pilko


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