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Pavel Rodkin. Existential Interfaces. Experiments in Communicative Ontology of Reality

Existential Interfaces

Rodkin, P. (2004). Existential Interfaces. Experiments in Communicative Ontology of Reality. Moscow: Unost. 190 p. (In Russ.). [Rod'kin, P. (2004). Ekzistencial'nye interfejsy. Opyty kommunikativnoj ontologii dejstvitel'nosti. Moskva: Yunost'.].

Language: Russian

Design: Pavel Rodkin

Paperback: 190 pages

Size: 145x205 mm.

ISBN 5728202071

© Rodkin, P., 2004

© Unost, 2004



Chapter 1. Reality and the existential interface

Chapter 2. Semantic intermediaries and operating units

Chapter 3. Interface and the problem of style

Chapter 4. Design and the problem of reality

Chapter 5. Suggest communication

Chapter 6. In search of a simulacrum

Chapter 7. Flash mob and suicide

Chapter 8. Technosolipsism (from mass culture to individual communications)

Chapter 9. Art and heterogeneous communication

Chapter 10. Typography and the problem of spatial syntax

Chapter 11. Existential interface and the problem of redesign

Chapter 12. Advertising space: no logo?

Conclusion (on perceptual inequality)




Existential Interfaces

Moscow graphic designer and designer Pavel Rodkin dedicated his book to the analysis of the modern level of visualization of the human and natural environment. The author carefully examines both the special-professional problems of the "genre" (art design, consumer design), and visual means of mass communication and propaganda. He proves with examples that in many situations the ideographic way of delivering information to consumers no longer differs from text messages of a different nature, and in many cases the aggression of video information brings to the brink of "deverbalization" of communication. The conceptuality of signs breaks away from their denotation, color markers become symbols of political ideologies.

Political journal. March 14, No. 9 (60) 2005.


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