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Dialectic of Dark Sensuality: Koji Wakamatsu, Kim Ki-duk, Yang Ge

Dialectic of Dark Sensuality: Koji Wakamatsu, Kim Ki Duk, Yang Ge

The book is devoted to the subject analysis of the so-called dark sensuality — a product of the dialectical development of the liberated, self-deprived and egoistic body, and its reflection in mass culture and cinema of the second half of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The typology of dark sensuality is presented through the work of three different filmmakers, Koji Wakamatsu, Kim Ki Duk, and Yang Ge. The analysis of their films includes a broad cultural and historical context.

Player 457. Watching The Squid Game and topical Korean movies

Player 457. Watching "The Squid Game" and topical Korean movies

This book analyzes the series Squid Game directed by Hwang Dong-hyeok through the lens of humanistic and socio-philosophical criticism in the broad context of Korean and world cinema. "Squid Game" is seen as a significant cultural and social phenomenon. The paper explores the structure of the survival game and its corresponding images of contemporary mass culture.

Moon Hoon and modern Korean architecture

Pavel Rodkin. Moon Hoon and Modern Korean Architecture. Sights of the Metamodern

The research is dedicated to the modern Korean architect Moon Hoon. Moon's work, combining various elements of modernism, brutalism, postmodernism and parametricism, is considered within the framework of a new large historical and conceptual narrative — metamodernism. The categories of analysis necessary for attributing Moon's architecture were some significant theoretical provisions of metamodernism and their development. The projects of Moon Hoon and other contemporary Korean architects are analyzed in a broad architectural and cultural context.

Metamodern attraction. Art, architecture, design, cinema, politics

Pavel Rodkin. Metamodern Attraction. Art, Architecture, Design, Cinema, Politics

The research is devoted to a wide range of problems of culture, art, architecture, cinema, design and political representation of modernism, postmodernism and metamodernism, considered as actual realities of modernity. The mosaic and collision of these "attractions" becomes a space for analyzing and modeling the new cultural situation of the XXI century.

The Design of the Future and the Future of Design

Pavel Rodkin. The Design of the Future and the Future of Design

The research is devoted to the critical analysis, modeling and rethinking of tasks and functions of design, object and subject of design activity at a new stage of development of social, economic and technological systems. Design is considered in the context of fundamental problems of social relations and social forms of the future. The paper raises the problems of post-capitalism, metamodernism, post-truth, precariat, technological displacement, etc. as an actual component of modern design theory.

Urban Identity and Design

Pavel Rodkin. Place Branding: Urban Identity and Design: Tutorial

This tutorial describes various models of territory branding (Simon Anholt's hexagon, semiotic brand model, etc.), a typology of brand identification and solutions in the field of global territorial branding, discloses the problems of brand development and presentation, as well as an original methodology for structuring the urban environment in the basis of communicative patterns (within the framework of Christopher Alexander's template language concept). The book is a practical guide and guide to creating urban identity, brand identification systems, brand communications, urban identity.

Endless Narrative. Hermeneutics of the Series

Pavel Rodkin. Endless Narrative. Hermeneutics of the Series

The study is devoted to the hermeneutics of the series, as the most important component of modern cultural industries and media production in the framework of their philosophical, sociological and cultural-political analysis and interpretation. The research material was more than 60 series and more than 80 thematically related films. Series are considered as analytical models of various conditions: power, society, future, everyday life, apocalypse, metaphysics, politics, war, sex, madness, etc. The book will be interesting to everyone who deals with the phenomenon of mass culture and mass consciousness in the XXI century.

Cinemapolitics. 13 Experiments on Hermeneutics of Modern Cinema

Pavel Rodkin. Cinemapolitics. 13 Experiments on Hermeneutics of Modern Cinema

The study is devoted to hermeneutics of cinema of the twentieth century, the disclosure of the excluded content and the work of film policy based on the analysis of more than a hundred foreign and Soviet/Russian films. The book will be of interest to all who are interested in the phenomenon of mass culture, cinema and the essence of power in their philosophical, sociological and cultural-political interpretation.

Reality Shock. From the Representation of Consumption to the Representation of War

Pavel Rodkin. Reality Shock. From the Representation of Consumption to the Representation of War: Critical Essay

In the XXI century, the war turns into a reality show, involving the broad masses in virtual reality is replaced by simulacrum and is endowed with properties that can be controlled in real-time. The author carried out extensive work on the study of the representation of "war" in the transition from the globalisation of consumption the globalisation of war and the development of the network of the panoptic technology. The book is of interest to political scientists, sociologists, culturologists, as well as anyone interested in global communication processes in modern society.

Place Brand identity. Place Branding: A New Pragmatic Identity

Pavel Rodkin. Place Brand identity. Place Branding: A New Pragmatic Identity

The study is devoted to the comparative analysis, systematization and classification of meaning- and shaping the brand identify urban, regional and global branding of countries. The introduction of the concept of brand identity in the context of territorial branding allows you to more adequately define and distinguish the subject area, as well as to address methodological and terminological confusion. The book is of practical interest for customers, developers, and brand managers in the field of territorial branding and marketing.

The Media and Society. Three Attempts to Open the Subject of Power

Pavel Rodkin. The Media and Society. Three Attempts to Open the Subject of Power: Critical Essay

The study examines the phenomenon of modern Internet communications as a tool of power (and control). This problem is a matter of great scientific debate and relevant to the understanding of such phenomena as capitalism, power, information society, Internet, new media etc. the Author traces the empirical material, the formation of a new reality — the attitude of power and control in the information society.

The revolution has lost color. The color revolutions 2004—2014

Pavel Rodkin. The Revolution has Lost Lolor. The "Color Revolutions" 2004—2014: Humanities and Communications Phenomenon of New Type of War

The book is devoted to the study of Humanities and communication technologies "color revolutions" that occurred in the world from 2004 to 2014 and reflects the changing nature of the modern "color revolutions" that allows us to reinterpret this phenomenon in the context of global socio-political processes.

Industrial Brand of the Future

Pavel Rodkin. Industrial Brand of the Future. Visual Revolution During an Epoch of the Nuclear Renaissance

The main theme of the study is to understand the trends and problems of modern industrial brand in Russia, as well as possible communication strategies in the context of new global challenges. In the book, based on extensive material analyses current trends in visual identity and the results of the changes taking place in a corporate environment... the Reason for the study of this problem was the rebranding of the Rosatom State Corporation. The study proposed an effective model for the creation and development of modern industrial brand.

Visual Politics. Brand of Russia

Pavel Rodkin. Visual Politics. Brand of Russia

The study focuses on the strategies and issues of national and regional branding, creating logos and corporate identities in the modern public communications. The book is relevant as a theoretical and practical material to create an effective communication technologies and the positive image of Russia.

Futurism and Modern Visual Art

Pavel Rodkin. Futurism and Modern Visual Art

The new work of a young art critic, designer, author of several books on the theory of visual communication examines the cultural and artistic significance of Russian futurism for contemporary visual art and graphic design. The book is addressed to designers, cultural experts and anyone interested in the history of futurism.

Existential Interfaces

Pavel Rodkin. Existential Interfaces. Experiments in Communicative Ontology of Reality

Experiments in communicative ontology of reality.