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Pavel Rodkin (Pavel Rod'kin)

Pavel Rodkin

Ph.D. in History of Arts.

Associate Professor at the Department of Integrated Communications, Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, National Research University "High School of Economics".

Member of the Dissertation Council for Art and Design, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Expert in branding and visual communications.

Author of books, research and publications on corporate and government communications, territorial branding, design, media and mass culture.

Author of training courses in the following areas: modern communication technologies, advertising, branding of territories, global visual communications and design.

Main areas of professional activity and area of interest: communications, branding, branding of territories, design, identity, advertising, media, mass culture, society.

Customers: corporate, government and non-profit organizations.

Membership in professional communities

Member of the Presidium of the International Academy of Design (IAD)

Member of the Industrial Design Council of the Industrial Designers Association (Russia).

Member of the Moscow Union of Artists (Russia).

Author's monographs